Stay at Shouan, a Kyoto Machiya townhouse converted into an innwith breakfast service.
This is the website of Shouan, the Kyoto Machiya inn.

About Shouan

SHOUAN the family home of the innkeeper, built around 120 years ago. It was restored as a Machiya with its original tsushinikai architectural design through the cooperation of the Kyoto Machiya Construction Group (a general incorporated association whose purpose is to preserve and renovate Machiya).Kyoto Machiya townhouses are one of Kyoto’s cultural treasures, but there are fewer and fewer remaining each year. In recent years, many people have finally recognized the importance of maintaining and passing down these homes. The exterior features of Shouan include degoushi (projecting lattice windows) on the first story and mushikomado (ultrafine lattice windows) on the second story, as well as a passageway through the house with a hibukuro (atrium) overhead. Because Shouan was refurbished for use as an inn, we no longer have the traditional sink or stove. However, the Oku-no-ma room on the first floor faces our inner garden, where we have cultivated plums, camellias, and hydrangeas, alongside a pine tree that is the center of the garden and the source of the inn’s name (shou means ‘pine tree’). This pine tree originally sprouted on the roof of the main hall of Kitano-Tenmangu Shrine, around 60 years ago, and was later bestowed to us. The pine tree was named 「Shougetsu」by Kitano-Tenmangu Shrine. Shouan is in a very convenient location for guests to visit tourist attractions. Shouan is walking distance from both Nijo Castle and the Kyoto Imperial Palace. You can visit many other popular tourist spots by Kyoto City Bus, with no transfers needed.